43rd Ward Alderman: What's a Republican to do?

There's an Aldermanic debate tonight. It's at DePaul. Four Democrats will argue that they have what it takes to fix the city's problems.

Spoiler alert: They don't.

But that does not absolve us of the responsibility to pick one of them. Here are the choices:

Michele Smith, incumbent. Alderman Smith would not have drawn such opposition had she been doing a good job. She has botched the Children's development, voted in lock step with the Mayor, and irritated just about everyone. To her credit, in her Tribune questionnaire she talks about controlling spending, and in city council she voted against the minimum wage increase. But on TIFs, pensions, and vacant storefronts, she hasn't the remotest clue. No.

Jen Kramer is an affable person, but her career has been straight machine Democrat. The Daley administration moved her from job to job over the years, and she shows no inclination to buck the system. Her Tribune questionnaire answers are devoid of substance. She would sink into the group of 40-odd rubber-stamp Alderman and never surface again. No.

Jerry Quandt is similarly affable. But when I asked him how we would tackle the city's financial problems, he said "The corporations that want to locate here should pay their fair share." In a DNAinfo article, he said "It's going to take solutions that probably will entail increasing taxes in some form or fashion." He describes himself as center-right, but not with positions like that. No.

Caroline Vickrey is a community organizer. But unlike Barack Obama, her positions have had actual responsibilities. Her policy positions are a mixed bag. She gets it on cutting spending and the need for defined-contribution pensions. She's good on corruption. She doesn't get it on TIFs or charter schools. Her position on taxes is murky: "I do not think that Chicagoans can tolerate any increases to property taxes," but "...new sources of revenue should be explored."  Caroline is not a Republican and isn't with us on some important issues. Her willingness to take steps to get spending under control and oppose the machine, though, speaks well of her. Maybe.

* * *
Does your opinion, as a Republican, matter?

In the last election, Bruce Rauner won 50% of the ward, and Tom Cross and Judy Baar Topinka both won 45%.

More than that, the candidates we recruited this year did well in the ward:

Calonder 46% 5 precincts
Linares 42% 37 precincts
Hakalir 42% 1 precinct

With a vote share that large, and four Democrats to split the Democrat vote, guess who decides who the Alderman will be? That's right: we do. Republicans.

I urge you to attend tonight's aldermanic debate (or the candidate's night at Old Town Triangle on Thursday at 7:00 pm) and decide for yourself. Ask hard questions about our issues: spending, taxes, pensions, and corruption. And let the candidates know that they'd better listen to Republicans in the ward if they want to win the election.

Chris Cleveland

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43rd Ward Breakfast with Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, will be headlining a breakfast fundraiser for the 43rd Ward Republicans and the Chicago Republican Party on Wednesday, October 22, two weeks before the election.

The proceeds will go to support Republican candidates running in the City of Chicago.

The breakfast event is at DePaul University's Cortelyou Commons, 2324 N Fremont St in Chicago, 8:00 am - 9:00 am, October 22. Tickets are $40. Purchase tickets here.

Questions? Contact us at 43rdwardrepublicans@gmail.com

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Meet this Saturday, get involved in the fall campaign

The 43rd Ward Republicans will meet this Saturday morning to get organized for the fall campaign. We have a new location:

Saturday, August 16
8:30 am coffee and doughnuts
9:00 am presentation
City Grounds coffee bar (behind Four Farthings)
507 W Dickens Ave

We will talk about:xx

  • Organizing volunteers for the fall. We need election judges and precinct captains. If you want to volunteer, bring your smart phone.
  • The upcoming Aldermanic race. Republicans going to have a big impact in the 43rd Ward.

Will there be a presentation?

Yes! We'll hear from Bruno Behrend, senior fellow at the Heartland Institute who will tell us about current developments in education policy, including the Common Core, school choice, and the parent trigger.

What happened to the Republican ward office? 

The Chicago GOP decided to join the Rauner campaign at a new office in the 45th Ward at 4327 W. Irving Park Road. We packed up and moved a couple of weeks ago. We'd still like to have an office in the 43rd Ward, though, so if you know of an inexpensive space we can call our own, please let us know.

How can I help this fall?

There are three things you can do:

  • Be an election judge. We still have a number of slots to fill. It pays $170 for the day.
  • Be a precinct captain or volunteer.
  • Write a check to the 43rd Ward Republicans. Every dollar helps to pay for mailings and our future office.

What about the Aldermanic election?

So far, there are four likely candidates for Alderman, none of whom are Republicans. Republicans get 40% of the ward, and with a little effort we can get 51%. We're still looking for a Republican candidate. If you've considered running for office, now's the time to step up. Let us know.

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Second Saturday: Rauner Campaign Strategy, Training

Join us for a brief presentation by the Rauner campaign on their strategy and tactics for the City of Chicago. Hint: it involves some very cool technology.

Saturday, June 14
8:30 am coffee and doughnuts
9:00 am presentation
2768 N Lincoln Ave

Later, stick around for training in this technology. Bring your smart phone.

If you plan to volunteer to help any campaigns this year, it's very important to attend. We'd like everyone to get trained as soon as possible so we can hit the streets.

This month's meeting requires an RSVP. The reason is that space is limited, and we need to know how many trainers to bring. Please RSVP here.

See you on the 14th.

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Rauner over Dillard

I hadn't planned to endorse in the governor's race. As a Republican Party worker bee, I'm supposed to support the nominee, right? That's my job?

And indeed, I will support the nominee, whoever it is.

But now, a week before the election, it looks like the Democrats and the unions are making a serious play to hijack the Republican primary. This isn't right. It's time to say something.

Government unions are pouring millions into Kirk Dillard's campaign. Whatever his merits as a candidate, this isn't something that we Republicans should ignore. Govenment unions, including AFSCME and the teacher's unions, have spent such enormous sums that Dillard cannot ever be in a position to stand up to them. And standing up to the unions is the single most important thing the next governor must do.

Bruce Rauner has made standing up to government unions the centerpiece of his campaign. He'll follow through on it. And that, in my opinion, makes him the right choice for governor.

I like Bill Brady, really I do. But now, a week out, neither he nor Dan Rutherford are serious contenders for the nomination. It's time to make a choice, Rauner or Dillard. It's an easy one.

If Bruce wins this election, then we Republicans will have a mandate, a very big one, to take on the unions. We can go after them on the pension problem they created. We can go after them on failing schools. We can go after them on wild overspending. We can go after them on corruption.

Imagine having a mandate, here in Illinois, to do what Scott Walker did in Wisconsin. Bruce will have it.

The Rauner campaign didn't write this. I did. And I mean it. Seriously, if you haven't yet voted, please vote for Bruce Rauner. It's time.

If you go a different way, I respect your decision. But please do so in the full knowledge that most of what you're seeing on TV was paid for government employees who want to purchase the election. Please don't let them do that. Bruce Rauner is our best hope for turning the state around.

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Illinois Attorney General Candidate Paul Schimpf and Illinois Treasurer Candidate Tom Cross Appearing at the March Meeting of the 43rd Ward Republicans

Saturday, March 8th
8:30 am Coffee and Doughnuts
9:00 am Presentation
43rd Ward Republican Headquarters
2768 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago


Paul Schimpf served our country for 24 years while on active duty in the Navy and the Marine Corps.  During that time, Paul learned how to work together with people of all backgrounds and political perspectives to meet common goals.  Now that his military service is complete, Paul Schimpf wants to continue serving Illinois as our next Attorney General.

Paul is running for Attorney General because he has become increasingly frustrated by the failure of our political class to address the problems facing our state.  Despite those frustrations, Paul still believes we can solve our problems by bringing humility, honesty, and an unbiased perspective to the table.

Tom Cross is a reform-minded, independent thinking Republican Leader who has earned praise for his commitment to lower taxes, reducing government’s footprint and demonstrating fiscal responsibility.

"I’m running for Treasurer because I want to restore trust, protect taxpayers and make a real, serious difference,” Cross says on his website.

As treasurer, Tom will use the full power of the office to require the state to approve a balanced budget. To protect the college savings of Illinois families, Tom will institute quarterly audits of the Bright Start College Savings program to ensure funds are being invested wisely and safely. And continuing his commitment to reform, Tom will establish a Government Integrity Unit to ensure transparency and crack down on fraud and corruption.
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Saturday meeting on Children's Memorial, our Alderman's disaster

Saturday, February 22th
8:30 am Coffee and Doughnuts
9:00 am Presentation
43rd Ward Republican Headquarters
2768 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago


The neighborhood is up in arms. Lincoln Parkers, brandishing pitchforks and torches, are in the streets. I don't recall any time when the neighbors have been this angry with the alderman.

The reason is the proposed Children Memorial development, which includes two large highrises and heavy truck traffic in the middle of a low-rise, residential neighborhood.

Both the Mid North Association and Park West Association have issued some pretty tough statements opposing the development. It's hard to imagine how an alderman could let it get this bad.

So this Saturday we're going to learn about the details of the development, the pros and cons, from one of its leading opponents, Ed Burnes. We'll talk about what it means for the neighborhood, rule of law, property rights, and other Republican political principles with which this alderman appears to be unfamiliar.

By the way, the link in last week's email to an article was bad. Here's a corrected link to the DNA Info story.

Please join us on Saturday.
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43rd Ward meeting postponed, and a very cool video

Saturday, February 15th 8:30 am  MOVED TO FEB 22, SEE ABOVE
43rd Ward Republican Headquarters
2768 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
We normally have our 43rd Ward Republican meetings on the second Saturday of the month, but this month we're moving it to the third Saturday. Hope to see you a week from tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy this very cool video. The Chicago GOP has gotten quite a bit of TV and radio coverage over the last two months, some of it featuring yours truly.

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Senator Bill Brady visits the 43rd Ward Republicans this Saturday

Saturday, December 14th 8:30 am
Chicago GOP Victory Center
2768 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago


State Senator Bill Brady visits Chicago this Saturday as our special guest to talk about his candidacy for Governor.  Senator Brady is the fourth and final candidate to appear as part of our Republican Governor Candidate Series at the Monthly Breakfast Meetings of the 43th Ward Republicans.  Our meetings happen every 2nd Saturday of the month. This fall, each meeting featured one of our four excellent Republican candidates for Illinois Governor.

As a husband, father, businessman, legislator and candidate,  Bill Brady has always stood by his principles, which are rooted in the values of family, community, and public service.  He believes in Illinois and a future of greater prosperity and opportunity for its citizens.

He has served a large portion of Central Illinois in both the Illinois House and Senate.  Winning 98 of the state's 102 counties, Bill was the 2010 Republican nominee for Governor.

This month meet Bill Brady on Saturday, December 14th at 8:30 am at the 43rd Ward Office, 2768 N Lincoln Avenue, Chicago.

8:30 am - Coffee and Doughnuts
9:00 am - Presentation
All are welcome.

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Bruce Rauner visits the 43rd Ward



On Saturday, November 9 Bruce Rauner spoke before a packed house at the 43rd ward office. Mr. Rauner was the third candidate to appear as part of our Republican Governor Candidate Series at the Monthly Breakfast Meetings of the 43th Ward Republicans.  Our meetings happen every 2nd Saturday of the month. This fall, each meeting will feature one of our four excellent Republican candidates for Illinois Governor.

Bruce Rauner is the proud father of six children – two boys and four girls. His wife, Diana, is President of the Ounce of Prevention Fund, which is dedicated to providing all children - especially those born into poverty – access to quality care and education throughout the first five years of life.

Bruce isn’t interested in a political career. He is running for governor because he loves Illinois and refuses to stand by while career politicians drive it into the ground.

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