Republicans place more election judges than the Democrats in the 43rd

In an unusual turn of events for the City of Chicago, the Republican organization in the 43rd Ward is better organized than the Democrat organization.

As of 4:00 pm on Monday, the day before the election, the 43rd Ward Republicans have all but four election judge positions filled, and several individuals had to be turned down for judge positions because they didn’t have adequate Republican credentials. Some precincts had an excess of applicants.

The 43rd Ward Democrats, by contrast, have nine open positions.

“We’ll be happy to help the Democrats out in the fall”, said Committeeman Chris Cleveland. “It’s common in the city to have Democrat judges masquerading as Republicans in some polling places. We’ll be happy to return the favor if the Democrats are short-handed again later this year.”

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Last-minute election judges needed

A few of our judges have told us at the last minute that they won’t be able to serve on election day. We need to replace them, and could use your help.

If you are free to work in a polling place the coming Tuesday, please let me know. Email 43rdwardrepublicans (at) gmail (dot) com right away.

Your efforts will help make the election a little cleaner and fairer than it would otherwise be. Chicago remains the the most corrupt city in America, and this a big part of it is its tradition of election fraud. You can help control it.

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Romney wins 43rd Ward straw poll

43rd Ward Republicans gathered last night at the Lion Head Pub for a delegate debate. The debate covered economic issues, electability, foreign policy, religious freedom, and other issues.

The final vote was:

Romney 42%
Santorum 32%
Gingrich 16%
Paul 11%

Thanks to each of the debaters: Dan Fahner (Romney), Laura Kotelman (Gingrich), Joe Hedrick (Santorum), and David Ratowitz (Paul). All did an excellent job.

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Lincoln Day event gets overflowing crowd

Our Lincoln Day and Super Tuesday event last night was an unqualified success. We packed the room at the Lion Head. (Maybe we over-packed it a bit).

We heard from WLS-AM’s Dan Proft, the most entertaining and influential conservative in Illinois today, who talked about the state of affairs in Illinois. We heard from 48th Ward GOP Committeeman Adam Robinson, who delivered a powerful talk on Illinois and the Cook County Republican Party’s work this year.

Nobody knew there were this many people fired up about rebuilding the Republican Party in the 43rd Ward. Now it’s time to turn to getting Republicans elected.

Thanks to all for coming!

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Chicago Presidential Delegate Debate and Straw Poll

Chicago’s first, and only, Republican presidential delegate debate and straw poll will happen Wednesday, March 14, a week before the Illinois primary.

Republican Committeeman Chris Cleveland and the 43rd Ward Republicans have invited representatives of the four remaining Republican candidates to debate and answer questions posed by the audience. Three of the four campaigns have agreed to participate so far. (Update: all four are participating.) This will be one of the few opportunities for rank-and-file Republicans to question the campaigns directly.

After the debate is concluded, there will be a straw poll and the winner will be announced.

The event is free. There will be a cash bar.

Illinois’s 69 delegates are up for grabs in Illinois Republican Primary taking place on March 20th.

“This event will give Chicago residents a rare opportunity to hear directly from the delegates who will vote at the Republican convention, and ask them the tough questions about why their candidate is the best choice for America.”, said Cleveland.

Chris Cleveland is the 43rd Ward’s sitting Republican Committeeman and is currently running for re-election in the same primary.

The event will take place Wednesday, March 14 at the Lion Head Pub, 2251 N Lincoln Ave, 7:00 pm.

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Lincoln Day Reception and Super Tuesday Returns-Watching Party, March 6

On Tuesday, March 6 we’ll all get together to support the 43rd Ward Republicans and to watch the Super Tuesday returns.

We’re excited to have one of Illinois’ most dynamic conservatives as our speaker: Dan Proft, political commentator and WLS 890 AM host

Lion Head Pub
2251 N Lincoln Ave
6:30 to 8:30 pm

Cost: $20

To reserve a ticket, go to the donate page and make a donation of $20 (or more). We’ll add the names of all donors to the guest list at the door.

See the invitation here.

Join us for food, drink, speakers, and lots of politics. Let’s paint the town red!

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Neither soul nor sin

It’s not common to use a local party website for philosophical discussions, but an extrordinary piece by John Kass this morning bears a mention. It’s about the Obama Administration’s decision to force Catholic Hospitals to provide birth control.

There is no need to wade into a debate about contraception, abortion, or women’s health. That is not what this is about, and never was. It is about the power and scope of the federal government. As Kass wrote,

So the president’s policy is not only mistaken and insensitive and wrong, it is the perfect expression of everything Americans fear about the ever-increasing federal leviathan.

What we fear is a bureaucracy that by nature can consider neither soul nor sin, but only power and politics presented as reason.

At some point, John Kass will graduate from the ranks of the merely good columnists to the truly great. Maybe not to the Twain or Mencken level, but definitely to the Royko level, if he’s not there already.

And if you’ve ever wondered, “Why do Chicago Republicans even bother to fight?”, well, John Kass just explained it. We fight the leviathan.


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Opening a physical office in the ward

The 43rd Ward Republicans are in search of a new home. We’d love to find a space where we could set up desks, phones, and have a genuine place to work. The ideal characteristics of an office: it should in a retail space, in a highly visible, high-traffic area. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should have room for several desks or tables. Parking should be easy and it should be accessible from public transportation.

That sounds expensive, right? Well, it is, so we’re willing to compromise. If you know of a space, please let us know. Particularly if the building owner is a Republican and is willing to cut us a deal. Email any leads to 43rdwardrepublicans (at) gmail (dot) com.

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We need judges!

We need more (genuine) Republican judges of election in the 43rd Ward. The deadline is fast approaching. After February 6, the Board of Elections will start filling any empty slots with whoever applies, including Democrats.

A judge of election is one of the people who sit in the polling place on election day. By law, Republicans are entitled to place a certain number of judges, and Democrats get to place their own. A judge is responsible for checking people in, checking their id, giving them a ballot, and making sure it gets fed into the machine properly. A judge is supposed to make sure there are no shenanigans in the polling place.

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Republicans make noise at 43rd Ward remap meeting

On January 11, several hundred 43rd Ward residents gathered at DePaul to protest City Council’s proposed ward map. The map was an extreme example of gerrymandering, and broke Lincoln Park into five different wards.

During the hearing, some former Aldermen spoke first, followed by the heads of the seven community groups, followed by Chris Cleveland, representing the 43rd Ward Republicans.

Statement of Chris Cleveland, 43rd Ward Republican Committeeman before the Rules Committee of the Chicago City Council, January 11, 2012

Thank you, Chairman Mell and Alderman Smith, for agreeing to hear me today.

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