Chicago Presidential Delegate Debate and Straw Poll

Chicago’s first, and only, Republican presidential delegate debate and straw poll will happen Wednesday, March 14, a week before the Illinois primary.

Republican Committeeman Chris Cleveland and the 43rd Ward Republicans have invited representatives of the four remaining Republican candidates to debate and answer questions posed by the audience. Three of the four campaigns have agreed to participate so far. (Update: all four are participating.) This will be one of the few opportunities for rank-and-file Republicans to question the campaigns directly.

After the debate is concluded, there will be a straw poll and the winner will be announced.

The event is free. There will be a cash bar.

Illinois’s 69 delegates are up for grabs in Illinois Republican Primary taking place on March 20th.

“This event will give Chicago residents a rare opportunity to hear directly from the delegates who will vote at the Republican convention, and ask them the tough questions about why their candidate is the best choice for America.”, said Cleveland.

Chris Cleveland is the 43rd Ward’s sitting Republican Committeeman and is currently running for re-election in the same primary.

The event will take place Wednesday, March 14 at the Lion Head Pub, 2251 N Lincoln Ave, 7:00 pm.

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