Cleveland wins re-election with 70% of the vote

Thanks, everyone for all your help. It’s nice that all the time and effort we put in paid off.

The happy side effect of this election is that all the volunteers and visibility is going to help the 43rd Ward Republicans. At this point, Republicans are a lot more visible in the ward that they otherwise would have been. There’s some buzz, interest, and enthusiasm. It’s our job to make something of it.

And we shall. Republicans will get noticed this year.

I made a campaign promise to put heroic effort into reopening a physical ward office. It’s actually not hard to open an office. The real work is in raising the money to pay for it. I promise I will make the calls and do all the necessary asking.

Let me now ask you. If you’re reading this and have some sympathy for the Republican cause in the City of Chicago, then join us. Enter your email address into this website so we can communicate with you. Come to our events. Write a check. Then write another one.

And in a few weeks, come visit the most happenin’ Republican office in the City.

This is a good year to be a Republican.

– Chris

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