Meet this Saturday, get involved in the fall campaign

The 43rd Ward Republicans will meet this Saturday morning to get organized for the fall campaign. We have a new location:

Saturday, August 16
8:30 am coffee and doughnuts
9:00 am presentation
City Grounds coffee bar (behind Four Farthings)
507 W Dickens Ave

We will talk about:xx

  • Organizing volunteers for the fall. We need election judges and precinct captains. If you want to volunteer, bring your smart phone.
  • The upcoming Aldermanic race. Republicans going to have a big impact in the 43rd Ward.

Will there be a presentation?

Yes! We'll hear from Bruno Behrend, senior fellow at the Heartland Institute who will tell us about current developments in education policy, including the Common Core, school choice, and the parent trigger.

What happened to the Republican ward office? 

The Chicago GOP decided to join the Rauner campaign at a new office in the 45th Ward at 4327 W. Irving Park Road. We packed up and moved a couple of weeks ago. We'd still like to have an office in the 43rd Ward, though, so if you know of an inexpensive space we can call our own, please let us know.

How can I help this fall?

There are three things you can do:

  • Be an election judge. We still have a number of slots to fill. It pays $170 for the day.
  • Be a precinct captain or volunteer.
  • Write a check to the 43rd Ward Republicans. Every dollar helps to pay for mailings and our future office.

What about the Aldermanic election?

So far, there are four likely candidates for Alderman, none of whom are Republicans. Republicans get 40% of the ward, and with a little effort we can get 51%. We're still looking for a Republican candidate. If you've considered running for office, now's the time to step up. Let us know.

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