Neither soul nor sin

It’s not common to use a local party website for philosophical discussions, but an extrordinary piece by John Kass this morning bears a mention. It’s about the Obama Administration’s decision to force Catholic Hospitals to provide birth control.

There is no need to wade into a debate about contraception, abortion, or women’s health. That is not what this is about, and never was. It is about the power and scope of the federal government. As Kass wrote,

So the president’s policy is not only mistaken and insensitive and wrong, it is the perfect expression of everything Americans fear about the ever-increasing federal leviathan.

What we fear is a bureaucracy that by nature can consider neither soul nor sin, but only power and politics presented as reason.

At some point, John Kass will graduate from the ranks of the merely good columnists to the truly great. Maybe not to the Twain or Mencken level, but definitely to the Royko level, if he’s not there already.

And if you’ve ever wondered, “Why do Chicago Republicans even bother to fight?”, well, John Kass just explained it. We fight the leviathan.


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