Post-election followup

I want to say thank you to the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of 43rd Ward Republicans who put time and effort into the election this year. From the volunteers who put in long hours over the phones at the Lincoln office, to the election judges who put in long hours at the precincts, thank you all. Our organization is getting stronger, and you've proven it.

While this was a major election nationally, the most important election for us locally happens in 2014. The governor and the other state constitutional officers are up for reelection. And in this election, the votes of Chicago Republicans will really matter, both in the primary and in the general.

The 43rd Ward votes 40% Republican in general elections. We are going to raise that number and have an impact on the state. With your help, we will do it.

Stay tuned for more announcements of our planned activities for 2013. It will be a fundraising, party-building, and recruiting year. Remember, we'll be passing petitions for candidates in only 10 months, so we need to be ready.

We are the 40%. And we will be heard.

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