Rauner over Dillard

I hadn't planned to endorse in the governor's race. As a Republican Party worker bee, I'm supposed to support the nominee, right? That's my job?

And indeed, I will support the nominee, whoever it is.

But now, a week before the election, it looks like the Democrats and the unions are making a serious play to hijack the Republican primary. This isn't right. It's time to say something.

Government unions are pouring millions into Kirk Dillard's campaign. Whatever his merits as a candidate, this isn't something that we Republicans should ignore. Govenment unions, including AFSCME and the teacher's unions, have spent such enormous sums that Dillard cannot ever be in a position to stand up to them. And standing up to the unions is the single most important thing the next governor must do.

Bruce Rauner has made standing up to government unions the centerpiece of his campaign. He'll follow through on it. And that, in my opinion, makes him the right choice for governor.

I like Bill Brady, really I do. But now, a week out, neither he nor Dan Rutherford are serious contenders for the nomination. It's time to make a choice, Rauner or Dillard. It's an easy one.

If Bruce wins this election, then we Republicans will have a mandate, a very big one, to take on the unions. We can go after them on the pension problem they created. We can go after them on failing schools. We can go after them on wild overspending. We can go after them on corruption.

Imagine having a mandate, here in Illinois, to do what Scott Walker did in Wisconsin. Bruce will have it.

The Rauner campaign didn't write this. I did. And I mean it. Seriously, if you haven't yet voted, please vote for Bruce Rauner. It's time.

If you go a different way, I respect your decision. But please do so in the full knowledge that most of what you're seeing on TV was paid for government employees who want to purchase the election. Please don't let them do that. Bruce Rauner is our best hope for turning the state around.

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It’s in category of wish-I’d-said-that. Perfect.