Recruiting new leadership

Fellow 43rd Ward Rs,

After eight years of serving as 43rd Ward Republican Committeeman, it's time for me to step down.

During those years I did a bit of work in 43, served as chairman of the Chicago Republican Party, chairman of the Jeanne Ives campaign, and co-chairman of the Ted Cruz campaign.

I got to put a couple dozen candidates on the ballot and get Chicago Tribune endorsements for many of them. I sued Mike Madigan, and also the Chicago Board of Elections, and won both. I did maybe 60 petition challenges vs Democrats, mostly on offense, and won most of them. I got national press over vote total discrepancies in Chicago and over Chicago Public Schools political activity in the elementary schools. I got to raise a lot of money. I held press conferences with a full spread of TV cameras so that people could see that the Chicago Republican Party existed. I opened up two offices in the ward and generated several hundred thousand door knocks and phone calls across the city. I created a spectacle over the treatment of Chick fil A (that was fun). I removed felons, crooks, and Democrats from the Cook County Republican Party. I got to work with many, many, good, dedicated, unpaid people who just want to see a viable opposition party in the city.

I'm still trying to help straighten out the mess that is the Illinois Republican Party. That's going to take a bit longer.

It's been a great experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but the time has come for me to get back to the private sector.

If you're interested in helping the cause in the 43rd, either as committeeman or in some other capacity, please send an email to [email protected] and let me know. Chicago Republicans need good people to take up the reins.

The committeeman is the head of the Republican Party in the ward. This person is responsible for all party activities, which mostly involves managing candidates, volunteers, and election judges. The committeeman speaks for the Republican Party in the ward. I've done so at public forums, and it's a blast. Many people here do not realize that Republicans get 40 to 50% of the vote in the ward.

To be elected to this position, you must live in the ward, have a Republican voting record, and be willing to organize people to go out and get signatures to put you on the ballot. The petition-passing period runs from now until December 2. The signature requirements are hefty, so I strongly recommend that if you are interested, let me know right away. Again, I'm at [email protected]

Thanks for all your help and support over the years.


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