Saturday meeting on Children's Memorial, our Alderman's disaster

Saturday, February 22th
8:30 am Coffee and Doughnuts
9:00 am Presentation
43rd Ward Republican Headquarters
2768 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago


The neighborhood is up in arms. Lincoln Parkers, brandishing pitchforks and torches, are in the streets. I don't recall any time when the neighbors have been this angry with the alderman.

The reason is the proposed Children Memorial development, which includes two large highrises and heavy truck traffic in the middle of a low-rise, residential neighborhood.

Both the Mid North Association and Park West Association have issued some pretty tough statements opposing the development. It's hard to imagine how an alderman could let it get this bad.

So this Saturday we're going to learn about the details of the development, the pros and cons, from one of its leading opponents, Ed Burnes. We'll talk about what it means for the neighborhood, rule of law, property rights, and other Republican political principles with which this alderman appears to be unfamiliar.

By the way, the link in last week's email to an article was bad. Here's a corrected link to the DNA Info story.

Please join us on Saturday.
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