We need judges!

We need more (genuine) Republican judges of election in the 43rd Ward. The deadline is fast approaching. After February 6, the Board of Elections will start filling any empty slots with whoever applies, including Democrats.

A judge of election is one of the people who sit in the polling place on election day. By law, Republicans are entitled to place a certain number of judges, and Democrats get to place their own. A judge is responsible for checking people in, checking their id, giving them a ballot, and making sure it gets fed into the machine properly. A judge is supposed to make sure there are no shenanigans in the polling place.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has a long history of pulling such shenanigans, and they still do it. They’ll walk into the election booth with the elderly and disabled and show they how to vote “correctly”. They’ll keep track of who has voted, and then hand the list to the Democrat precinct captain so Democrats can do get-out-the-vote. They’ll allow Democratic campaign workers to electioneer. And sometimes they’ll just plain steal votes.

The best defense is to have genuine, well-trained Republican judges in every polling place.

In the 43rd Ward we still need more, and we need to get them signed up ASAP. Please email me (Chris Cleveland) at 43rdwardrepublicans (at) gmail (dot) com as soon as possible and let me know that you’re available and willing to work on election day.

You can learn more here. But please email me if you apply through the Board of Elections site.

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